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Why choose MenoFlock?

Through my range of resources, I can devise a personalised programme to help you navigate your personal growth through your menopause. Your bespoke programme can cover coaching and/or mentoring in addition to community-based menopause events, fitness, awareness and education. My menopause ‘toolkit’ can provide you with the support you need to ‘keep your menopause together.   

Please also know that in addition to 1:1 targeted support, I also facilitate group sessions, presentations within the workplace and larger seminar talks, all aimed at raising awareness and promoting education around the menopause.      

Badass Menopause

Coaching can be defined in many ways and has traditionally been associated with sports. Every top athlete has a coach. In the last few years, coaching has been taken up in business and in many aspects of life as well as sport.


Coaching with MenoFlock is a partnership between me, the coach and you, the client.


. The essence of coaching is:

  • To help you change in the way you wish and help you to move in the direction you want to go.

  • Coaching supports you at every level in becoming who you want to be.

  • Coaching builds awareness, empowers choice and leads to change.

I will help you to achieve your personal best and to produce the results you want in your personal and/or professional life. Coaching ensures you can give your best, learn and develop in the way you wish. Consider me your cheerleader from the side lines!

Menovist Camo
Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Nowadays, it is common for someone to see a coach to help them achieve their goals in their life and work. Why not throughout the menopause?   


The here and now.


Like any evolution period, the menopause can be a time of uncertainty and unknown territory.  Tricky to navigate without the correct knowledge, understanding and most importantly, confidence to move forward if feeling stuck.


Throughout your menopause journey, an element of change can take place physically, emotionally and mentally. These changes can leave you feeling uncertain about many aspects of your life and which direction to take. While in the long term, this transformation can bring about an opportunity for positivity, you may find you need some guidance to find your way through. Coaching with MenoFlock can facilitate this process.


‘Coaching unlocks a person’s potential to maximise their performance. Coaching helps them to learn rather than teaching them.’

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Image by Jon Tyson

Through my Mentoring programme, I can provide extensive knowledge and advice based on my own menopause experience, which I can share with you. Mentoring often involves wide ranging discussions that may not be limited to menopause, so expect our discussions and exploration of yourself to be far reaching! As a mentor I will be your personal champion with professional experience. 

MenoFlock mentoring and coaching focus on achievements in your present and future.

Menopause Cafe

Community is so important…

Finding myself isolated with no one to talk to was an area I really struggled with when I entered the perimenopause. I made the decision to set up Menopause Café events in my local area after thinking ‘I can’t be the only one feeling like this.’ 

A self-confessed ‘over sharer’ I love to talk and connect with others.

Offering like-minded people the opportunity to listen, talk and share their menopause experiences has been, and still continues to be such a valuable resource in my menopause ‘tool kit’. 

At a Menopause Café people, often strangers, gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss menopause. 

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Menopause Cafe.jpg
Menopause Cafe


My Menopause Cafés are offered:

  • In an accessible, respectful and confidential, safe space

  • Open for all, regardless of gender, age or where you are in your menopause journey 

  • With no intention of leading you to any conclusion, product or course of action

  • On a not for profit basis

  • Are completely FREE

  • Alongside refreshing drinks and cake!

I currently run monthly Menopause Café events across Surrey and Hampshire at the following venues: 

First Tuesday of each month at Goldfinch Books, Alton, Hampshire 10am-12pm


Coming Soon!

Womens Wellness events Hampshire & Surrey venues tbc


I look forward to welcoming you to my MenoFlock!

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Walks & Talks

Enjoy walking? Like talking? 

Getting out and moving was one of my well being go-to’s whilst in the midst of my ‘menopausal meltdown’. 

It’s well documented that being outdoors has many benefits for our mental health and physical activity has huge potential to enhance our wellbeing. Even a short burst of 10 minutes brisk walking increases our mental alertness, energy and promotes positive mood while improving cognitive function, sleep and memory. Perfect for peri menopause and menopause.   

MenoFlock walk and talks brings together people of all genders to share experiences of the menopause; symptoms, remedies, challenges and opportunities. Events take place within green open spaces and woodland walks; we know spending time in both can help reduce stress and anxiety. 

Walks &Talks


We also know that talking is helpful and walking alongside each other can help to break down any barriers that may be holding us back. Birds of a feather often flock together, so if walking is your thing, I’d love to hear from you!

I currently offer walks at Kingsley Common in Kingsley, Hampshire and Alice Holt in Farnham, Surrey, alternative venues can also be considered. Dogs and children always welcome and events are completely FREE.

Workplace Training

Women represent almost half of the UK labour force and we know that women going through menopause are the fastest growing demographic in the workforce today.

Recent studies show that:

  • 1 in 4 women experience serious menopause symptoms that have a negative impact on their work performance.

  • Symptoms associated with menopause can negatively affect women’s work performance.

  • Despite the negative effect impact of symptoms on work performance, many women do not disclose it with co-workers, line managers and HR staff due to stigma and concerns about being criticised or ridiculed.

  • 1 in 10 women have considered leaving their job.


I was one of those women who not only considered it, but actually left my job and career due to my debilitating perimenopause symptoms. My personal experience of support at work during my ‘menopausal meltdown’, whilst adequate (thanks to an understanding line manager), was not ideal.

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Business Meeting


Awareness and knowledge around the menopause and how to support employees and colleagues effectively is what is needed within every workplace.

I offer a range of Menopause Workplace Support Sessions for you to choose from dependent on your individual requirements.

Cost per 1 hour session ranges £125 - £150 to be discussed at consultation.   

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Team Meeting
Workshops, Education & Awareness

Holding a menopause workshop or awareness talk in your organisation or at a community event is a positive and cost-effective way to support menopause.  

I can deliver a range of face to face or online sessions in an authentic, friendly way which can have a positive effect on staff, teams and community groups, which can promote well-being and encourage cohesion.  

Workshops are a great way to educate and inspire individuals to start the conversation around what historically, has been a taboo subject. My aim is to break down social barriers and empower people to use strategies and tips to support themselves and others within their organisations and beyond. My approach will enable people to be in a better position to spot the signs of menopause and continue having the conversation around menopause. 


I offer a range of Menopause Workshops and Awareness Support Sessions for you to choose from dependent on your individual requirements. 

Cost per 1 hour session will be charged between £125 - £150 to be discussed at consultation.   

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