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Menoflock Stock

Menovist Camo
Menovist Camo


A  lover of all things preloved, I want to consider sustainability when it comes to fashion, who doesn’t?   One of my passions is sourcing second-hand clothing. I love charity shopping, car boot sales, flea markets and vintage fairs. Celebrating recycled fashion has inspired me to give new life to ex-army stock, hand finishing your garment to suit your style. 

Customised, hand-finished camo jackets. 

My original ‘Menovist’ jackets are highly valued within the menopause community, however working together to create your personalised slogan, whatever community you are part of, is an integral part of my creative process and extremely important to me.    


MenoFlock Stock are a labour of love. As  a volunteer host for the Menopause Cafe, I am proud to support my favourite menopause-related campaign, so £1 from every sale of Menovist jackets will be donated to this wonderful charity.

MenoFlock Stock Design 

MenoFlock Stock Design

Once you’ve made your decision to join the MenoFlock Army, here’s what happens next: 

  • Contact me with your enquiry/to request your commission - at this point, I will confirm my turnaround time. I often have a waiting list for commissions. 

  • I will forward you details of cost/payment process. If you are happy to go ahead I will request your postal address. 

  • Discuss & decide your design. This is the exciting part! What message do you want to share? It could be your nickname, your website, podcast or hashtag. We will discuss font, colour/positioning specifications. 

  • To confirm your order I will request payment to be made to secure your purchase. 

  • I will design your jacket (with lots of love and care!) ​

  • I send you a photo of the finished article. If there are any amendments to be made I will make them at this point. 

Menovist Camo
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  • I package your jacket up and post it out using first class recorded delivery. 

  • You receive your jacket with happiness

  • You wear with pride and share the MenoFlock love! 

If of course, you have any questions during the entire design process, I am more than happy to answer/talk through them at any stage. 

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The MenoFlock Stock Story 

The MenoFlock Stock Story

Proudly sporting my new ‘Menovist’ tag and the hashtag #makemenopausematter I was approached by a fellow campaigner who admired it and said she wanted one. 

So here’s the thing. As an avid collector of all things preloved, including clothes, I was able to grant her request. Several years ago I had stumbled across a job lot of used and redundant ex army apparel at a vintage sale, so I bought the lot. I had no idea what I was going to do with them but something inside me said I would find good use for them. Three years on and here I am now, designing hand finished jackets and finding new homes for them. 

MenoFlock stock, as they have been lovingly named, are a real labour of love, especially since recycling pre loved items is a passion of mine. Charity shop, car boot and thrifted finds are my go to! I have been second hand shopping for most of my adult life and sustainable fashion is a no brainer for me. Looking good whilst saving the planet, what’s not to love? 

If I can encourage one person to consider recycled fashion in the hope they may continue, makes me more than happy. To enable that person to wear their recycled, repurposed item with pride because they have their own personalised message emblazoned on it, I’m even happier. 

The Menovist tag is by far my most popular design, however I also consider other commissions and working together we can decide what works for you. Got a business, nickname, hashtag or website you want the world to know about? Contact me for a design brief chat to get started. 

Join the MenoFlock Army today! 

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Menovist Camo
Menoviat jacket.jpeg

Creating my MenoFlock stock happened by accident rather than design, however, I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason and it was definitely ‘meant to be’.

In October 2021, I decided to join forces with other dedicated grassroots campaigners to show my support for the #makemenopausematter cause. Up to Parliament Square I went to join fellow meno’s, all of whom I’d never met, but I was determined to get stuck in and join the collective voice; my Menovist quest had begun! The #MenopauseRevolution campaign spearheaded by Carolyn Harris MP, saw the Second Reading of the Menopause (Support and Services) Bill. Following the reading in Parliament, Minister for Health Maria Caulfield MP Minister for Women’s Health, made key policy announcements on changes to prescription charges for hormone replacement therapy and the establishment of a new Menopause Taskforce.


Whilst at the rally, I was wearing one of my own hand-finished camouflage jackets which I had designed myself specifically for the occasion.

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